The brand name refers to the body temperature.
The product line is divided into two kind of products : the make-up, the bodycare.
Brand identity, Logotype, signs, photographic compositions, web design.

Brand identity for a bio premium cosmetics
Logotype and sign designed for a brand cosmetics
Body cream and graphic identity
Presentation of website design
Creation of range of hair care
Packaging and brand design
Bio premium cosmetics in Paris
Création of the brand identity and web design
Logotype and graphic composition for a company
Webdesign and creation of graphic identity
Creation of visuals for a brand fashion identity
Presentation of packaging of Bio premium cosmetics  brand
Typographic compositions for the beauty world
design of the packaging for a Lipcare and a lipstick
Graphic identity created by My Name is Wendy
Logotype, sign created for a brand cosmetics
Creation and graphic identity for a brand
Graphic compositions and typographic creations
Commission for a cosmetics brand
Logotype and sign created for a micellar water
Packaging and design
Presentation of website page for the brand identity
Form and design signed My Name is Wendy
Packaging for a brand cosmetics in Paris
Visual art composed for the beauty world
Visual art and design for a company
Design packaging for a eyeshadow
Webdesign and creation of brand identity
Form and sign designed for a brown pencil
Layout and presentation of a graphic identity
Packaging for a body cream
Brand identity and packaging
Webdesign and graphic creation
Graphic compositions with typography
Page of cosmetics brand website
design and packaging with the products
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