Duplex - Dialogue en partitions exhibition
- Artists : MC Zago & My Name is Wendy
- Town Hall of Valence / Bourse du travail / 22.06 - 18.09.2016

- Visuals & Photography : My Name is Wendy
Duplex was based on a modern reading of the myth Narcisse & Echo from the book of Ovide Les métamorphoses.
Our interest has focused on issues relating to the representation, picture, reflecting, repetition but also on transmission, communication, knowledge through the language. 

The artistic installation was composed of 3 parts : drawings representing objects that transmit 3 sorts of information, 12 texts performed, recorded, broadcast in 12 sculptures, 14 paintings.

Installation and art exhibition composed of sculptures
Pictures of sculptures
Artwork for exhibition and artistic project
Creation and contemporary art
Limited edition of art catalogue
Art direction and installation with wood sculptures
Sculptures ans artistic installation
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