In order to celebrate art3 30 years, the art center director wanted us to create an event that could reflect times lines within art3 : exhibitions, editions, productions, research, residences...
We proposed a series of 16 posters & an specific event :
1. The sale of posters through social networks in order to support art3.
2. The launch of the project Always want the space to reappear which was an invitation to the artists exhibited at art3. The artists sent pictures of billboards in the city (Madrid, New-York, Stuttgart, Montreal, etc…). and we moved the original picture and we "implanted" one of the 16 posters.
3. The launch of an urban exhibition of 16 posters in Valence. 

- Design & production : My Name is Wendy
Posters are based on repeated graphic module. It's emergence of a shape in a process of duplicate, movement or proliferation until it is exhausted. There are insertions and delations with layers that create micro differences on the density and the transparency. This principle stages a "ghostly" module and create a temporality through the succession of areas/surfaces.
Graphical composition for a cultural  event
Graphical composition and type design
Layers and superpositions
Art project for an event
Graphic design and typography for artistic event
Composition, creation and design
Graphical composition for urban exhibit
Creation and graphic design signed by My Name is Wendy
Creation and graphic design
Urban eshow with artists
Patterns and repetitive graphical shapes
Poster composed of graphical forms
Layers with graphic shapes
Series created in order to celebrate an event
Giclee print of a poster design
Poster black & white for an exhibition
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