Type design & Graphic design : My Name is Wendy. 2021
The Baker typeface is based on the Pogliotte typeface created by the studio in 2007 inspired by notes and musical scores. The baker is a real hymn to decorative art & cultural aesthetics of the 20s & 30s. Her name is a tribute to the great artist Josephine Baker.
This typeface was created in 2 versions : Regular & Extended.

Soon available ! Don't hesitate to contact us.
Editorial design and double page for a fashion magazine composed with Baker Typeface
Artwork and digital design for an album cover
Lettering and typedesign for a magazine
Installation for a project of cultural signage
Editorial design for an art catalog signed by My Name is Wendy
Typographic composition for a fashion or artistic project
Layout and typographic composition for a magazine
Typographic composition and lettering for a cultural project and the editorial world
Typographic composition and vinyl cover designed for a musical project.
Glyphs, signs created for signage projects signed by graphic designers
Layout presented the Baker typeface created and signed by Carole Gautier & Eugénie Favre
Double page created for a fashion magazine. Typographic numbers with colors
Posters and signs for the cultural signage
Editorial design and layout composed with the original typeface called Baker
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