- BlackJack Black + Black Slanted> 40€ (218 caracters / Uppercase)
- BlackJack Regular + Regular Slanted> 40€ (192 caracters / Uppercase)
- BlackJack Light + Light Slanted> 40€ (232 caracters / Uppercase) 
---- Full pack > 100€
>> Available in OpenType format  TTF, OTF for Mac & Windows Contact us !

Black Jack typeface created by My Name is Wendy
Editorial design and typographic creation
Layouts created for the publishing world
Creation of lettering and form
Design of double page for an artbook
Gif presenting the Black Jack typeface
Type design in Fontlab software
Urban poster composed with Black Jack typeface
Layout composed with graphic design and unique typeface
Typographic composition signed by My Name is Wendy
Presentation fo Black Jack typeface a typography created by a graphic design studio
Gif and graphic design with some visual compositions
Typographic compositions and layouts
Black Jack typeface presented in a artbook
Sentences designed with the Black Jack typography
Double page of magazine for the fashion culture
Type design and artbook design
Artwork presented a typography
Assets for a brand identity
Motion design presented the work of My Name is Wendy
Double page for a cultural magazine
Poster and visual art composed with specific typography
Creation of typographic compositions
Numbers designed by My Name is Wendy studio
Artbook design and typographic creation
Titles composed with a typeface signed by Carole Gautier et Eugénie Favre
A double page of design magazine
Black Jack typeface is available
Editorial design and typographic creations
Graphic design, type design and colors
Black & White creation with a unique typeface
Numbers and letters designed by My Name is Wendy
Sentence and title for the cultural world
Superpositiosn of posters, graphic compositions and typography
Editorial composition and type design
Lettering and typographic visual
design for arts books and typefaces
Creation of My Name is Wendy studio
Typographic broad presenting a unique typeface
Black & white version of visual art
Presentation fo Black Jack typeface
Letters, numbers and glyphs
Design of letters and creation fo typefaces
Black Jack light italic is available
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