Byland is a strategy & tactics game on a board.
Deluxe version of wood, done in the studio. Prototype signed / unique piece.
Byland is protected by copyright. We are looking for an editor.

The game is played with four players. Each player embodies a season : Green for spring, yellow for summer, orange for fall, white for winter.
Byland is played on two dimensions on the board : intersections and squares.
Each player has two sorts of pieces :
- 3 ghosts (principal pieces) on the edge of the board that move on the intersections in order to reach colored dots through dice game.
- 6 season pieces disposed toward the center of board that move on the squares.
Each piece of season has a unique way of movement in order to capture the 3 ghosts of others players by 3 sides. The special feature of the game is to use the season pieces of other players against themselves as a possession. Testing games has been made with people in order to finalize the degree of complexity.
Grid and principle of board
Borad of a graphic game signed My Name is Wendy
Byland with graphical objects, board and game of rules
Packaging of the Byland, a design game
Composition of Byland game : Graphic design and concept
Byland is a strategy & tactics game on a board.
Booklet of the game of rule
Poster introducing the strategic game
Graphic poster signed My Name is Wendy
Graphical composition for the strategig game created by art directors
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