This project is composed of 19 posters.
Poster as a field of action is the ideal playground for stage messages.
Since 2006, the studio create typefaces, typographical compositions, signs and lettering in the context of commissions or self-initiated projects.
Letters, words, sentences allow to create graphical compositions.
Scenography to showcase this series recalls that a poster can hide another poster.
- Poster Booster , Tokyo, B1 / B1 / B3, Express (type) yourself, Le mot est un nom, Talk about, 2020, 8000 thanks, Black Box , Tribute to G&G, Velvet, Pogliotte2, Poster Folder, Paper, Flow, Numbers -
Graphic poster and typographical composition
Poster composed with burlesk typeface signed My Name is Wendy studio
Graphic poster & art direction signed by My Name is Wendy
Typographical compositions and posters
Type design and graphical composition
Graphical composition, layout and type design
Poster composed with colors, shapes and type design
Type design, layout and typographical composition
Composition based on typography, colors and design
Typeface created by two art directors
Series of posters based on type design and graphical compositions
3D forms and typographical compositions and colors
Flow is a graphical poster created by My Name is Wendy
Poster composed with several typefaces created by My Name is Wendy
Poster designed to pay tribute to Gilbert & George artwork
Poster design and typeface
Typographical compositions signed by graphic and type designers
Poster composed with colors, forms, patterns and typographhy
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