Ficciones Typografika was a project dedicated to typographic exploration in a public space and is curated by Erik Brandt. The exhibition surface is a 72”Wx36”H poster board which can host three 24”x36” posters at a time.

Elegy for Zukofsky Installed on June 29, 2014, was a tribute to the American poet Louis Zukofsky. 
Some posters were exposed to art school of Cambrai. ÉSAC Cambrai - Jean-Michel Géridan
Photography : ÉSAC Cambrai - Jean-Michel Géridan - Erik Brandt

Several posters created with lettering and graphic shapes
Exhibition of posters and type design
Poster tribute to american poet
Creation and graphic design for visual art
Poster created for Ficciones typografika by Erik Brandt
Graphical composition for artistic project
Poster signed by two art directors
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