The Freaks Alphabet is a series of letterforms created from a catalog of vector shapes and design sketches.
There are two stages : The storage and the transplant :
- Storage is "working library" and anticipate developments.
- Transplant is creation with fragment/graft and fragment/carrier.
Freaks alphabet is based on drawings and vector graphic
Poster presenting the freaks alphabet
Layout and poster for a typographic project
Series of visuals art
Graphic design and type design
Alphabet and typeface signed by My Name is Wendy
Freaks is a series of posters and a project with letters
Creation of an unique alphabet with drawings
Freaks is based on forms, drawings and vector effects
Graphic project designed by two art directors
Freaks is a self-initiated project
Each letter represents an animal
This typeface is composed of symbols, drawings and vector
Giclee print poster in limited edition
a project signed by My Name is Wendy studio
Visuals art for interior design and decoration
Illustrations and graphic design
A creation signed by two graphic designers
Alphabet and series of visuals art
Artistic project composed of an alphabet
Layouts for a unique typography
Drawings and typography in limited edition
Type design and drawings
Creation of a series of letters
Posters and visual art in limited edition
Artistic project mixing drawing, graphic design and typography
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