Matahari is a graphic and interactive language for compose abstract, cryptic & love messages. 
Currently 367 signs created : Adverbs of time - place - quantity, personal pronouns & possessive pronouns, articles, system of common names (scale), system of proper names (dial), system of verbs & auxiliaries (grid), 10 tenses (present, future, past).
Visual presenting form, sign and message
Motion design presenting the Matahari language composed of forms
Graphica language and artistic project
Words and graphic signs
Artistic project composed of pictograms, shapes and words
Graphic design for language and informative design
Project abour graphic language and information
Concept and artistic production
Series of visuals representing signs and language
Project composed of pictograms, words and graphic design
Creation of symbols, signs and information design
Information and communication from signs
Art project with symbols, language and visuals
Visuals and pictograms
Layouts and visuals for a graphic language
project like a graphical language
Visuals for artistic project and art language
Common names with graphical forms
artistic concept and graphic design
Signs, symbols and pictograms for artistic project
Verbs designed with forms and symbols
Project signedb y two art directors
Matahari is a French Lacanian player who establishes a common understanding (law)guage, she loves F. de Saussure, Ludwig Wittgenstein & Gertrude Stein, she can guess in part through visual insight, she can be learn like the multiplication tables, she never lies but she is a spy, her best friend is called "Mais où et donc or ni car". Matahari feels that the French language is rich, subtle but very difficult.
Sample of graphic language
Layouts presenting art language
Graphical language with symbols and pictos
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