Ucon Acrobatics
Motif 2.0

20 Years- 20 Artists
20 Pieces- 20 Countries

Point of sale :
Parisian store Le Printemps

- Patterns creation -
- Bag design -

For 20 years the German brand of urban bags Ucon Acrobatics invited 20 artists from 20 countries to create unique pattern designs. All sales are donated to charity.
- Photo credits : Ucon Acrobatics

« What’s more, only 20 pieces of each design will be available for this exclusive, limited edition collection. The project will be showcased and sold in 20 different cities around the world including Tokyo, Paris, New York, Berlin, Tel Aviv, London and more. True to our DNA, all design are printed on recycled PET fabrics, since no one should suffer for our products - no people, no animals, not the environment. »

Proposals - Researches - patterns

Backpack with colorful and contemporary graphic pattern
Ucon Acrobatics-Bags-Jungle
Backpack with a black and white pattern with lettering
Backpack with a signed design My Name is Wendy studio
Graphic design commissioned by backpack brand Ucon Acrobatics
Pattern on yellow background with graphic shapes for the bag brand Ucon Acrobatics
Graphic design for the bag brand Ucon Acrobatics with colored version
Design and graphic creation for the bag brand Ucon Acrobatics