Du pareil au mème
Collectif 1.0.3 + MNIsW

Macval Museum
Art book & Window sticker

- Graphic design -
- Graphic concept book -

- Art project, Hadokens : Collectif 1.0.3
- Photos of the museum : Martin Argyroglo

"We invited the duo of french graphic designers "My name is Wendy" to do the edition with us for their special graphic view.
Then we decided together to convert and print our hadokening's population on stickers, elements of an edition called "Leporello", a kind of big gatefold. Without any indication to paste stickers on it, people are free to make their own piece of art by putting the stickers wherever they want."
Collectif 1.0.3

"The design of the edition was thought taking account of the specific form of the book. We created a sort of « panorama » or « landscape » from a grid with regular cells.The idea was to obtain a variation code in the lines and the curves in order to create a « score » which meets and welcomes the gestural richness of hadokening's population. The matters create depths and evokes the energy of movements. The stickers allow people to create their own poetic narration." 
My Name is Wendy

Character on a white background in a hadoken gesture posture
character in a hiphop-type gestural posture on an empty white background
Photograph of people in different postures on a white background