Traditional coffee roasting

- Brand Identity -
- Packaging & Logotype -

The company entrusted us with the creation of its graphic identity, including logotype, business cards and internal communication.
We also created the coffee menu, icons representing the 8 coffees sold in the store. And finally, the design of each packaging for the entire range of each product.

Marikafé is a store launched by a passionate roaster with several years of experience in this field.
The store offers a menu of 8 coffees of great selection + one composition created by Marikafé herself.

Choice of coffee : Huila Pitalito (Colombia), Mountain Top Estate (Australia), Moussonné AA (Indies), Lilith (brazil), Moka Sidamo (Ethiopia), El Paloma Bio (Peru), Huehuetenango (Guatemala), Tarrazu (Cosat-Rica), Katsuyo (composed by Marikafé).

Graphic poster showing graphic icons of coffee cups
Series of graphic coffee cup badges