This project is composed of 6 visuals.
We photographed the same object from several angles.
This object was chosen for its particularly shape and its lack of functionality.
It’s a sort of ephemeral « crutch ».

Each angle motivated a specific composition with a specific mood in order to reveal a sculptural dimension.
On each form is plated a matter obtained from photographs or paintings (gouache and acrylic paint).
The matters recalls stones, pearls, moss or furs in order to create a tactile qualities & a particular « presence ».
The steps of creating & the process provide of enigmatic sculptures and kind of false 3D forms.
- Paintings & photographs : My Name is Wendy
- Design : My Name is Wendy
- Pictures indoor : My Name is Wendy
Series of visual art
3D shapes and graphical poster
poster signed by two graphic designers
art project based on 3D forms
Visual representing photography with matters
Posters signed by My Name is Wendy
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