Transistor Darlington / Divider images
Exhibition in My Monkey Gallery / Nancy / From January 11 to February 28, 2018
- "In the hole we found beside the road something would eventually go"
Construction of the Museum. Michael Palmer

Working upon commission, we produce attempts, sketches and alternative images. These are invisible marks that have a special place between projects. Our personal files contain obsessions : a final word, an incomplete form, a blank between two lines. There is something that doesn't be forgotten. In fact, these obsessions are ghosts.When an image appears, a complex process appears.
One image becomes "valid" and "validated" of a plurality of others images.
Stéphane Mallarmé said "Maybe, a book is unfinished, at best It pretends".
From one particular angle, at time T, the image is done.
The exibition presented thirteen divided posters composed from our personal files.
Here, something would eventually go  !
Limited edition of graphic posters
Artistic composition for exhibition
Series of posters in graphic show
Graphical compositions with colors, patterns and forms
Creation composed of geometric shapes and photography
abstract composition and graphical shapes
Illustration with colors, graphic shapes and layers
Illustration and composition for exhibition
Poster with lettering and typefaces
series of poster composed with colors, graphic compositions
graphic compositions with gradients and typography
poster signed by art directors
lettering and typography
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