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My Name is Wendy Studio

Art direction / Graphic design / Typography / Illustration


Carole Gautier
06 24 53 27 85
Eugénie Favre 06 23 13 70 90


Carole Gautier
Carole Gautier_

Depuis 2006, le studio crée des identités graphiques, des typographies ainsi que des illustrations. Nous travaillons à la fois pour le secteur culturel et les entreprises.
L'association de nos deux cursus (graphique et plastique) nous permet de développer un design singulier, construit, rigoureux et inventif.
Nous ne travaillons pas pour mais avec un commanditaire qui nous confie un projet. Cette collaboration, basée sur la confiance, la discussion et le partage des compétences, est garante d'un projet abouti et réflexif. Au sein du studio une commande est une problématique à résoudre dans la dimension d'une rencontre.


Eugenie Favre
Eugénie Favre_

My name is wendy was born in 2006 from the collaboration of two graphic designers. The group produces : brand identities, typefaces, illustrations, motion designs, patterns, typographical compositions and visual concepts.

We work with cultural world (luxury, fashion, art, music...), with independent projects, with small companies and multi-national brands.

Selected clients : Adobe, Fastcompany, Nike usa, mac/val, Paperit, Coca-cola, Reebok, Within, Biennale de lyon, Maxim, art3, Hohe luft, Nike Europe, gso' paris, Wired, Valence Museum, Idn magazine, Adidas, Computer arts...


- Femme Type People of Print. London
- Iridescent Victionary. Hong Kong
- Camo mania Victionary. Hong Kong
- Design Tricks- Chaotic Sendpoints. China
- Typo-Exploring the Limits Sandu Publishing. Hong Kong
- Designer Code100 Sandu. Hong Kong
- 360° N°64 Sandu Publishing. Hong Kong
- French in origin Victionary. Hong Kong
- To A Tee Index-Book. Barcelona
- Geometric Graphics Sandu Publishing. Hong Kong
- Type Player3 Sandu Publishing. Hong Kong
- Type Plus Unit Editions. London
- Basic Type Index-Book. Barcelona
- Collections Textuel Editions. Paris
- 30 studios by Etapes Pyramyd. Paris
- Design and design. Paris

- Create-zine N°5. London
- Brand SendPoints. Europe / Asia
- Page Magazine. Germany
- IdN V24n6 - Typography. HongKong
- Choi's gallery n°31. Shanghai / USA
- Infinite typography Sandu Publishing. Hong Kong
- 10X10 Paris Slanted #25. Germany
- Choi's gallery n°30. Shanghai / USA
- Let's go ornemental Idn n°5. Hong Kong
- Wired Magazine. San Fransisco / New York
- Computer Arts. London
- Etapes n°202. Paris
- Slanted #16. Germany
- Les Inrocks n°72. Paris
- Choi's gallery n°9. Shanghai / USA
- Choi's gallery n°7. Shanghai / USA
- Kiblind n°16.02. Lyon
- Etapes n°167. Paris
- Magazine Magazine. Paris

It's Nice That / Women of Graphic Design / AIGA / Grafik / People of Print / Étapes / Amarello / This is paper / Get addict to / Visual Cache / Baron Mag / Artskills / Design in Europe / Design in Blank / Incredibles Types / Make the big eye / Muy Rico Todo / The Grid / The Strange Attractor / Trend List / We Die for / 40 fakes

- Le Signe Covering Le Signe- Centre du graphisme. Chaumont
- Idole & Video ECV. Aix-en-Provence
- Translate ECV. Aix-en-Provence

- e.artsup. Lyon
- Ecole Bellecour. Lyon
- ECV. Aix-en-Provence

Copies / Multiples Quintaledition. Paris
- 3D2D Le livre dans l'affiche The shelf Company. Paris
- Transistor Darlington Galerie My Monkey. Nancy
- Tambour Quintaledition. Paris
- United Notions. Moscow
- L'oiseau siffleur. Valence
- Exposition d'un jour Titanes. Valence
- 30ans art3. Valence
- Duplex - Dialogue en partitions. Valence
- Take Five - art3.Valence
- Magazine Kiblind - Gaîté Lyrique. Paris
- ,KesselsKramer gallery. London
- Ficciones Typografika - Erik Brandt. USA
- Mois du Graphisme d'Echirolles. Grenoble
- Musée Millenium Gallery. Uk
- Fête du Graphisme Docks. Paris
- Ship Of Fools Gallery. Holland
- Re-Type IndexBook. Barcelona
- 8 Grande rue Galerie Design. Valence

typeface signed my name is wendy viewwriter is base on a monospace typography the typeface was used to contemporary art exhibition
View Writer is a typeface created in 2009.

It has been used to cultural identities and editorial content.
Here it is remastered and available in 3 styles (3 weights) & 2 versions : View Writer Text & View Writer Simple. Regarding the View Writer Simple version, each space between letters is marked by an underscore symbol which gives the apparence of typewritten text.

- View Writer Bold + Slanted (Text & simple version) > 50€ 
- View Writer Regular + Slanted (Text & simple version) > 50€ 
- View Writer Light + Slanted (Text & simple version) > 50€ 
---- Full pack > 130€
(We do not offer a trial version, thanks for your understanding)

>> Available in OpenType format  TTF, OTF for Mac & Windows
>> Contact us !
- Texts : Carroll Lewis, Gertrude Stein, Walter Benjamin.

The typeface was used to exhibition «Scénographies de Dan Graham à Hubert Robert»
Valence museum & IAC Villeurbanne and Échappée / Lux Scène nationale.

To see more : Behance
Youtube countdown, motion design for youtube premiere youtube, countdown, motion video for youtube motion design for youtube

Youtube Premiere - Countdown

Youtube commissioned us to create a motion design of 15’ for library of Premieres countdown videos.
The video stages the journey and the adventures of a ball in a endless play, in a joyful way across colors and shapes.
- Art direction, graphic & motion design : My Name is Wendy
- Music : Astronauts

See more : https://www.behance.net/

ICosmetics To-B
graphicdesign posters for interior design graphic, interior design, design graphic composition

Cosmetics. To-B

- Range of products : Body elixir, day cream, night cream, scented oil, micellar water, hair care, eye serum.
We have created series of six 3D illustrations staging each product with specific atmosphere.

- Creation of brand identity (2D art & concept)
- Creation of specific lettering
- Creation of 3D illustration : Modeling / Texturing / lighting & rendering

See more : https://www.behance.net/

graphicdesign posters for interior design graphic, interior design, design graphic composition

Black-Jack. Typeface

BlackJack is available in 3 styles (3 weights, 2 versions) :
- BlackJack Black + Black Slanted> 40€ (218 caracters / Double"L" glyph, 2 versions accented)
- BlackJack Regular + Regular Slanted> 40€ (192 caracters)
- BlackJack Light + Light Slanted> 40€ (232 caracters/ Several versions of letters) 
---- Full pack > 100€


>> Available in OpenType format  TTF, OTF for Mac & Windows
>> Contact us !

See more : https://www.behance.net/gallery/

graphicdesign posters for interior design graphic, interior design, design graphic composition

Fashion Brand Identity
Création of 8 illustrations / Details + series of objects. 2020
Sugarhouse, Blueberry, Black lagoon, Swimming-gum, Pop-up,

Whirligig, Palm Beach, Lawlessness

See more : https://www.behance.net/

IFemme Type
graphicdesign posters for interior design graphic, interior design, design

Femme Type. Posterzine
Femme Type I Book celebrating Women in the Type Industry


See more : https://femme-type.com

graphicdesign posters for interior design graphic, interior design, design graphic composition

This project is composed of 19 posters.
Poster as a field of action is the ideal playground for stage messages.
Since 2006, the studio create typefaces, typographical compositions, signs and lettering in the context of commissions or self-initiated projects.
Letters, words, sentences allow to create graphical compositions.

See more : https://www.behance.net/

illustration by my name is wendy studio drawings, illustrations, birds illustration and graphic illustration

Birds / 2019
This project is a series of illustrations composed from drawings and lettering.
Each bird have a coloration treatment and body parts displaced from the reality.
It accentuates the aesthetic appearance and transforms these birds into a mysterious creature.
Drawing : Black ballpoint pen & colored markers, finalisation with graphic tablet.

See more : https://www.behance.net/gallery/86843505/Birds

illustration by my name is wendy studio

Landscape / 2019
This motion is an abstract evocation of weather that affects a landscape.
The forms used symbolized the sun, the moon, the wind, the clouds, the rain, the storm...
Each musical note corresponds to a shape, a color.
- Music: Welcome Back by Moby, courtesy of https://mobygratis.com


ISame thing Something
affiches, posters 3D rendering photography textures, graphic sculpture black and white composition

Same thing Something / 2019
We photographed a same object from several angles.
This object was chosen for its particularly shape and its sense of usefulness.

Each angle motivated a specific composition with a specific mood in order to reveal a sculptural dimension.
On each form is plated a matter obtained from photographs or paintings (gouache and acrylic paint).
The appearance of the matters recall stones, pearls, moss or furs in order to create a tactile qualities and a particular « presence ».
The steps of creating and this process provide of enigmatic sculptures and kind of false 3D forms.
- Painting, photographs, design, pictures indoor: My Name is Wendy


illustration by my name is wendy studio fashion, creation of range of patterns artworks inspirated by pop culture

Eighties fashion / 2019

- Creation of ten illustrations / Creation of range of patterns and forms

This project is a tribute to eighties fashion.
The series of artworks inspired by visual codes, mood, aesthetic of the pop culture and graphic novels.
Each visual is staged based to 16 patterns, 32 perspective shapes and a serie of dazzing colors.
This creation looks like a musical composition.
Each note corresponds to a form, pattern, spatial arrangement in order to reflect the spirit of the 1980's.

I37° Cosmetics
graphic identity by my name is wendy studio premium bio cosmetics paris lipcare, lipstick, bodylotion, haircare, eyeliner

37° Bio Premium cosmetics. Paris

- Brand identity, logotype / Creation of 11 signs for the product range / Webdesign

Four product lines :
- Lipstick (range of colours) , Lipcare
- Eyeshadow (range of colours), Brown pencil, Mascara, Eyeliner
- Blush (range of colours), Foundation cream
- Hair care, Body lotion, Micellar water

Brand name refers to the body temperature.

See more : https://www.behance.net/gallery/

typeface designed by my name is wendy studio presentation of layout, magazines and books serie of typographical compositions and artworks

Turnover typeface / 2019
Turnover is both typeface, a series of shapes and signs.
Constructed on the basis of square, Turnover is a fixed width type.
Its creation enhances the balance between the surface and black and white.
Based on the simple grid, it makes it possible to create bold and varied layout.

matahari is a graphic language matahari is a project of information design creation of graphic signs

Matahari Language. 2013/2019
Matahari is a graphic language for compose abstract, cryptic and love messages.
Matahari is a secret, utopian and ambiguous language.
As a work in progress, this project is constantly evolving.
More information : here

INike - NBA
brand identity for nike nba my name is wendy was selected with other design agencies to design the nba practice tee-shirts typography exploration and design background

Nike NBA / Fall 2017
My Name is Wendy was selected with other agencies to redesin the NBA practice t-shirts.
Typography exploration (proposals) & design background.
Photography : S E Messaoudi

Nike NBA / Automne 2017

posters created for ficciones typografika ficciones typografika is a project dedicated to typographic exploration in a public space ficciones typografika is curated by erik brandt some graphic posters were exposed to art school of esac cambrai

Elegy for Zukofsky / Ficciones Typografika

(Tribute to the american poet Louis Zukofsky)
installed on June 29, 2014

ESAC Cambrai / Curator : J.Michel Géridan
Ficciones Typografika is a project dedicated to typographic exploration
in a public space curated by Erik Brandt.
The exhibition surface is a 72"W x 36"H poster board
which can host three 24" x 26" posters at a time.


burlesk is a typeface signed by graphic studio my name is wendy burlesk was used for an exhibition at the macval museum

Burlesk typeface signed MNisW

- Presentation / Alphabet
Photo credits : MNisW

new fabrik is a typography signed by graphic designers my name is wendy new fabrik was used for packagings, posters and interior design

Newfabrik typeface signed MNisW

- Presentation / Alphabet

IHohe Luft
typographical composition for hohe luft magazine artwork composed for an article visual art commissioned by german magazine
Hohe Luft / Philosophy Magazine / Hamburg Issue 1/19

Artwork for an article about to say "Nein".
The word "No" can express equally Autonomy, Unwissen (ignorance),
Widerstand (resistance) or Verachtung (contempt).
The meaning depends on a context/position.
Text : Greta Lührs

creation of a window sticker from the art project installation to the museum of contemporary art macval collaboration with plastician artists
MAC/VAL - Museum of Contemporary Art

Collectif 1.0.3 & My Name is Wendy
Installation. 2014
Creation of a window sticker from the project ‘Du pareil au mème’
to the Museum of Contemporary Art MAC/VAL. Val de Marne-Paris.
- Photo Credits Hadoken posturs: Collectif 1.0.3
- Photo Credits museum: Martin Argyroglo

See more : Behance
IFast Company
artwork for fast company magazine my name is wendy was commissioned to create an typographical visual word changing ideas awards honor products, concept, companies and designs
Fast Company Magazine. New-York. 2018

Visual for «World changing ideas»
Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas awards honor products,
concepts, companies, policies, and designs that are pursuing innovation
for the good of society and the planet. The contest, now in its third year,
has honored everything from large companies’ sustainability initiatives
to clever consumer products to groundbreaking government policies.
There are many problems in the world, and we are interested in innovative ideas
that solve any of them.

Fast Company
INike Store
design mural composed for nike store lyon my name is wendy created patterns (swoosh nike, run, faster) and football wall side commercial interior design for nike europe

Nike Store Lyon. 2016

Design mural Nike Store / Lyon:
- Patterns (swoosh, Nike, Run, Faster)
- Football wall side
Rutger Lastdrager: Project Manager
Dona Abuaf: Art Director
Photo Credits: Nike Europe DTC

IAdobe Cloud
creative cloud logo interpretation for adobe max 2018 illustration and visual art for the adobe creativity conference collaboration with my name is wendy and ruslan khasanov artists
Creative Cloud logo interpretation
Adobe Max 2018 / The creativity conference

- Collaboration between My Name is Wendy & Ruslan Khasanov
- Creative Director Adobe : John Caponi
- Art Director Adobe : Michael Jarrott
klint typeface signed by my name is wendy studio, graphic designers typographical compositions on interior decoration serie of posters and layouts
Klint typeface signed MNisW

- Presentation / Alphabet

Interior photo credits: Anthony Boyd
Photo credits : MNisW
my name is wendy was commissioned by within magazine san francisco posters and typographical compositions within magazine is the source of design leaders

Within Magazine / San Francisco. 2018

Typographical compositions for the articles.

«Within Magazine exists to do three things: challenge the status quo
of leadership in design and technology, share practical wisdom for
creating environments where all people thrive, and amplify
stories of more diverse leaders. More than a magazine,
Within is a community that is driving design towards a more diverse and inclusive future.
We are self-identifying women who have come together to share, learn, and reinvent.
Real change may be born of us, but it will take more than us.»

my name is wendy created logotype, identity corporate design and packaging graphic identity for traditional coffee roasting store creation of a serie of graphic patterns and signs
Marikafé Traditional coffee roasting. 2018

Creation of logotype / Identity corporate design / Packaging
Choice of coffee: Huila Pitalito (Colombie),
Mountain Top Estate (Australie), Moussonné AA (Indes),
Lilith (brésil), Moka Sidamo (Éthiopie),
El Palomar Bio (Pérou), Huehuetenango (Guatémala),
Tarrazu (Costa-Rica), Katsuyo (Mélange dégustation composé par la boutique)
- Photo credits : MNisW
IMy Monkey
graphic exhibition in my monkey gallery the exhibition presented thirteen posters composed from our artworks graphic posters in limited editions

Transistor Darlington / Divided images. 2018
My Monkey Gallery / Nancy / Solo show

- Photo credits : Morgan Fortem

"In the hole we found beside the road / something would eventually go"
Construction of the Museum. Michael Palmer

The exibition presented thirteen divided posters composed from our personal files.
Here, something would eventually go !
My Monkey

IAdobe InDesign
adobe indesign cc 2018 splash screen artwork graphic design for multi-national brand collaboration between my name is wendy and ruslan khasanov
Adobe InDesign CC 2108
Splash screen artwork

- Collaboration between My Name is Wendy & Ruslan Khasanov
- Creative Director Adobe : John Caponi
- Art Director Adobe : Michael Jarrott
now is a motion design project creation of patterns, forms and signs serie of posters and motion graphic
Now / Motion & forms. 2018

Self Production
«Our relationship with forms is essential,
we create them with cogency and expression»

- Photo credits : MNisW
See more : Behance
graphic identity for a musical event dj sets, electronic music and concerts in paris creation of posters, gifs, tee-shirts and visuals for social networks
Beats Across Borders #6. 2018

Creation of Poster / Gifs / Visuals social networks
Beats Across Borders is a musical event organized by Sciences Po Refugee Help.
Sciences Po Refugee Help is an independent and non partisan student association
that supports refugees and asylum seekers. It provides material support, legal counsel,
language classes and social & cultural activities.
It seeks to respond to emergency needs and help the integration of refugees in France.
serie of posters about typography visuals and artworks in limited edition creation of graphic posters
Typographical Box

Serie of Posters. 2018
- Photo credits : MNisW
IMallarme's books
serie of graphic posters about stephane mallarme visuals based on a typographical construction and a grid system posters exhibited in paris with famous graphic designers
Mallarme’s books

Series of posters / 2015.
Tribute to the french poet Stéphane Mallarmé.
The book is represented on imbalance position. The typographical construction based on the grid system made it possible to obtain a balanced way between the texts/titles and the visual/photo." The texts in posters are extracted of "Notes en vue du livre" to Mallarme.
- Photo credits : MNisW
ITake Five
graphic posters created for contemporary art exhibition takefive is an exhibition organized by art3 my name is wendy produced some posters in resonance with artist's artwork

Take Five / 26.11 - 12.12.2015

Laura Llaneli / art3

A project that has its start point in the Jazz song
Take Five from David’s Brubeck quartet.
«The project is a new version of the drum score of this song,
doing a translation from the drum kit parts into french words:
With recorded voices from a french MC (hip hop) Madame Bert,
and a French a capella singer, Christoph, the song is a new composition with words,
more proximate to poetry. « Text : Laura Llaneli / art3

- 28 posters were composed from the screenshots used by Laura for her composition.
These ‘posters/partitions’ were constructed from a grid
and a visual code which represent 7 parts of drums.
- 7 posters relate to the score.
These are visual transpositions of the ‘sound impact’ of 7 instruments.
The exhibition organized by art3, was held on 26 november to 12 december 2015
at the square Jeanne de Flandreysy Valence. The printout of posters was made by ENSBA Lyon.
- Photo credits : MNisW
See more : Behance

meteor is a graphic project composed of posters drawings signed by my name is wendy typographical compositions and artworks

Series of 5 posters/ the train. 2014

Drawing: Rotring/ india ink

Meteor project Graphic’s investigation about a fictive land named Meteor.
This project is a sort of encyclopedia which collect graphical and textual data.
It is a way of understanding this land. Meteor is an archaeology project.
First part: Meteor’s infrastructure, The train.

byland is a game of strategy and tactic that combines design with the refexion creation of a communicable concept designed game created and signed by my name is wendy

Byland -Strategic game

Prototype/Collector. 2014 - 2015.
Deluxe version made of wood, done in the studio

Byland is a game of strategy and tactic on a board that combine design with the reflexion.
This project is a practical effect of a planned strategy within our studio :
- Creating outside the printing surface
- Creating a communicable concept : here a rule of game
- Making an object from A to Z :
A : Byland must be interesting, practicable and playful
Z : Bylan is designed and oriented aesthetically
- Photo credits : MNisW

artwork commissioned by reebok company collaboration with reebok and my name is wendy visual and design created for a men's and women's graphic tee-shirt
Reebok Delta Logo + My Name is Wendy / Limited edition. 2017

We are commissioned by Reebok to create a design for a Men’s & Women’s graphic tee.
IDots Per Inch
motion design signed by my name is wendy compostion and creation of patterns, graphical effects and motion design darling dots per inch is a graphic animation created in the context of exhibition project exhibited in my monkey gallery musical and graphical artwork
Darling Dots per Inch / Motion design. 2017

Music : Title: Cornered, Artist: Binaerpilot
Source: http://binaerpilot.no
Licence: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/3.0/deed.fr
Darling Dots Per Inch is a graphic animation created in the context of exhibition.
DDPI is composed of a succession of screens shots and repetitive shapes.
The process is based on the image resolution, the pixels and the composition from abstract forms.
- Exhibition : Association Titanes. Valence / My Monkey Gallery. Nancy
ICollectif 1.0.3
n creation of a artbook for a contemporary art exhibition collaboration between platicians and my name is wendy project commissioned by museum of contemporary art macval graphic design for editions, posters and editorial design

Du pareil au mème. 2014
Collectif 1.0.3 & My Name is Wendy
Museum of Contemporary Art MAC/VAL

Edition / Posters / Exhibition

'We invited the duo of french graphic designers "My name is Wendy"
to do the edition with us for their special graphic view.
Then we decided together to convert and print our hadokening's population on stickers,
elements of an edition called "Leporello", a kind of big gatefold.
Without any indication to paste stickers on it, people are free to make their own
piece of art by putting the stickers wherever they want."
Collectif 1.0.3
- Photo credits : MNisW
See more : Behance

posters designed for a exhibition production of a serie of posters signed by my name is wendy urban exhibition for an art contemporary center
art3 -30th anniversary. 2017
Posters / Exhibition
Project «Always want the space to reappear».
art3, a non-profit organisation, has developed a program of events related to experimental projects.
Exhibitions are organised at art3 and eslwhere with various partners.
These exhibitions reflect the diversity of present day artistic creation. Direction : Sylvie Vojik
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of art3, 16 posters are based on a repeated graphic module.
It’s an emergence of a shape in a process of duplication, movement or proliferation until it is exhausted,
There are insertions within layers that create micro-differences in the density and transparency.
This principle stages a “ghostly” module and creates a temporality through the succession of areas/surfaces.
Lien art3

See more : Behance
ficciones typografika is a project dedicated to typographic exploration in a public space typographical project curated by erik brandt creation of posters composed of typography, patterns and visuals

Sub-Words / Sub-Ways / Sub-Walls

Ficciones Typografika. 2015

- Ficciones Typografika is a project dedicated to typographic exploration
in a public space curated by Erik Brandt.
The exhibition surface is a 72»W x 36»H
poster board which can host three 24» x 26» posters at a time.

commission for coca-cola company graphic design for ice-cols mash-up poster exhibition of graphic posters created by international designers
Coca-Cola / Ice-Cold Mash-Up Poster. Summer 2017

- Colors : CC Red, Black, White, «Ice cold teal».
- Format : A1 poster
- Brand Identity Elements : Red disc, spencerian script
- Secondary brand identity elements : Contour glass icon, dynamic ribbon
the freaks alphabet is a serie of letterforms created from a vector shapes and design sketches graphic and typographical posters creation of a typeface

Freaks / Alphabet. 2013

The Freaks Alphabet is a series of letterforms created
from a catalog of vector shapes and design sketches.
There are two stages : The storage and the transplant.
Storage is «working library» and anticipate developments.
Transplant is creation with fragment/graft and fragment/carrier.
Freaks is hybridization. It’s an ABrration.

ILucie Edel
brand identity for lucie edel jewellery designer in paris creation of logotype, business card, identity of collection and webdesign fashion identity created for brand jewellery
Lucie Edel / Jewellery designer / Paris

- Logotype, Webdesign
- Brand identity : Collection Up & Down
- Web development : Dario Spagnolo / Photos : Anthony Abi Nader
I500 ans - Havre
commission by une saison graphique, le gout des autres and artevia une saison graphique invited graphic designers, illustrators and artists to design a wall in le havre graphic artwork and typographical composition for an urban exhibition

All over the town / A summer in le Havre / 500 years. 2017

- 22 walls / 10 authors / 11 graphic designers

"Getting the walls to talk"
The festivals Une Saison Graphique and Le Goût des Autres in Le Havre,
will be giving 22 building walls a complete makeover, drawing inspiration
from literature and the graphic arts.
- Writers : Benoît Duteurtre, Camélia Jordana, Maylis de Kerangal, Céline Minard,
Marie Nimier, Christophe Ono-dit-Biot, Véronique Ovaldé, Joy Sorman, François Vallejo
or Valérie Zenatti, selected by the festival Le Goût des Autres
- Artists : Betty Bone, Erich Brechbühl, Virgile Laguin, My Name Is Wendy,
Richard Niessen, Laura Kopf, Damien Poulain, R2 Design, Grégoire Romanet,
Pierre di Sciullio and Twice, were selected by A Graphic Season.
- Social landlord : Alcéane
- Sentences : Joy Sorman
- Photography buildings : Alcéane-Saison Graphique

graphic identity for an ecological cosmetics brand in paris creation of a logotype, facing, identity corporate design and packaging serie of forms composed of graphic patterns
Origami Premium Ecological Cosmetics
Client : Ali Kashani

The cosmetic line evokes each Origami’s letters based on product composition
(shower gel, body dream… ). The visuals are both letters and objects
like flasks or body care environment.
first typography signed by my name is wendy presentation, layouts and design of wendy typeface wendy typography was used for a contemporary art exhibition

Wendy typeface 2007/08

First typeface created by the studio.
This typography is composed of lowercases and uppercases.
Wendy was used for a contemporary art exhibition at Museum of Valence
Permutations 40 artistes 01 musée vide.
«Wendy could be a tribute to the wife of Jack Torrance
or a reminder of one of the characters of JM Barrie,
otherwise the vague memory of a heroine series B.
But Wendy Wendy called because there is a film Dear Wendy,
who speaks of the obsession with firearms,
and therefore the first test sentence was: Just a shot.»
C.Gautier & E.Favre

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